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The Blog is an area where I will discuss my interests from within the Online Marketing field, with a particular focus on SEO and PPC with a spin on Designing for the web.

Take a look at the 'Things I Like' section which is a little more personal. Expect elements of music, design, cars, photography and more.

All thoughts are my own.

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Welcome to my site

For those of you who do not know me, take a look around the site, there is plenty of information (possibly too much). To summarise, I am currently work as a Digital Marketing Executive for a company called Koozai (specialising in SEO and PPC).

I had a previous site under this domain, initially built as an online profile for my design work. Since I moved into the online marketing world I attempted to realign my site to cater more for my inside online marketer. This started to become a bit of a mess with information related to design and marketing all over the place, on top of this I had a string of unrelated Blog posts, some built for the purpose of a ranking competition with the guys at work.

I decided to start from scratch and build a site more tailored towards my current work and interests. Design is not being left alone though, I hope to continue to talk about this, probably more from a ‘design for the web’ angle.

I will aim to update the site regularly and bring some interesting discussions to the world of Online Marketing.


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