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Chris Harris on Cars

As you may know, I have a soft spot for cars – mainly for Audi’s, BMW’s and most other fast executive style saloons. For me, there is something really appealing about a car that has quite soft styling but takes off like a rocket when you feel like driving that way. I have never liked cars that are all about the aggressive and shouty appearance. That said, I really like the Nissan GT-R but would struggle to buy one because I don’t really like the “hey look at me, I’m faster than you” appearance. I’d feel much more at home in a BMW M5, Audi RS6 or similar.

Anyway, I will get to the point of this post. I wanted to share some of my favourite Chris Harris on Cars videos. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a motoring journalist who writes and makes videos about cars online (I’m unaware if he does much offline/magazine work). He definitely is gifted in the ability to create a great car review and the videos are entertaining to watch. He gets to drive some amazing cars and I want his job. Here are some links to find him around the web:

@harrismonkey – Chris Harris on Twitter

YouTube TheHarrisMonkey – His personal YouTube channel

Chris Harris on Cars – By the YouTube channel ‘Drive

Below you will find some of my favourite videos from Chris Harris.

New and old Audi RS4 and Mercedes C63

Mercedes G63 AMG

Nissan GT-R Track Pack Vs. Porsche 997 Turbo S

BMW M550d X Drive

McLaren MP4-12C

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